We Need to See More of “Legerdemain”: A Marvel Fanfiction Review

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Wattpad, from my honest opinion, is an open source non-linear reading platform filled with millions of pieces of fiction, made by an extremely diverse pool of writers.

One of those Wattpad creators, is none other than a friend of mine called @doctor_SHIELD or “Magnus Morningstar”. As well as providing an invaluable index of other Wattpad superhero books on the platform, he also occasionally writes his own fiction.  This review outline one of his current works:  Legerdemain.  

Before we step into this review, I should also mention that I personally have limited exposure to the Marvel cinematic and comic book universes , so some key references, plot devices, locations and characters may not be fully understood in the context that the author intended. Thanks for your understanding.

About Legerdemain

Started in 2018, Legerdemain is a Marvel fanfiction sprinkled with doses of magic, sci-fi and a ton of Marvel mentions to satisfy the inner nerd of the comics and movies.

Currently one chapter done and not updated in more than 2 years, a lot is left to be desired. However, what we do have lays the foundations to what could be a next exciting fast-paced action novel, primed perfectly for core fans of the genre.

The Review

Legardemain is synonymous to the words “deception” and “trickery” and ties into the archetypes of the main and supporting cast perfectly as we are introduced to our MC, Tazio Forte.

Unlike other fanfictions on the interwebs, the bold choice to use an original character is refreshing but not without its downsides.

Originally created by sorceress-supreme, Tazio is a cunning vagabond that could easily fit into a Harry Potter book or other alternative franchise.

We follow his adventures on the alien planet of Xander and it does not take long for things to kick off. Without spoiling the plot, the action-packed scenes can be hard to follow but we get introduced to some of the cast throughout their scuffles for a mysterious orb.

Told from the perspective of Tazio himself, he illuminates a smug almost arrogant aura but his dialogue and portrayal in the book are fun to read, nonetheless.  

We also get shown to a few familiar faces from Marvel comics and the Guardians of the Galaxy, as the plot thickens and reaches a climax.  

Good Points

  • Fast paced nature keeps the reader of their feet
  • Ends on an interesting climax
  • Great use of Marvel references, characters, settings and places

Bad Points

  • More work could be done setting the scene of the world
  • The sentence structure and overall flow could be improved
  •  Some sections can be hard to follow along


Overall Legerdemain is a good starting fanfiction with a lot of untapped potential to grow and get polished in the future. The concept, characters and settings all hold the weight of Marvel’s original identity and I feel that way they are used could bring even more newcomers (such as myself) and veterans of the respected Marvel franchises together in a more accessible, true-to-life and fun way.  

If you agree with my review, please feel free to comment down below or if you feel that I missed the mark also feel free to leave your respected opinions in that comment section of this article.

Link to work reviewed: https://www.wattpad.com/554407331-legerdemain-on-hold-%F0%9F%83%8Fchapter-1-unexpectedly


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